Navisphere CLI cheat sheet

Raid Groups | LUN config | Storage Groups | Cache config

It is probably easier to use the Navisphere GUI to configure the Clariion but below are some of the CLI commands that can be used to configure the SAN. There is also a procedure generator which is very usefull called clarproc.exe which can be found on the web site

Raid Groups

Creating a raid group

navcli -h <san> createrg rgID disks <options>

example: navicli -h fc4700 createrg 16 0_0_0 0_0_1 0_0_2 -rm yes -pri high

rgID = decimal raid group id
0_0_0 = bus_enclosure_disk
rm = delete raid group when last LUN is unbound
pri = expansion / defragmentation priority

expanding a raid group

navicli -h <san> chgrg rgID <options>

example: navicli -h fc4700 chgrg 16 -expand 0_0_4 0_0_5 -lex yes -pri high

lex = is LUN expansion also allowed

destroying a raid group

navicli -h <san> destroyrg rgID disks <options>

example: navicli -h fc4700 destroyrg 16 0_0_0 0_0_1 0_0_3 -rm yes -pri high

modifying a raid group parameters (priority etc) navicli -h fc4700 chgrg 16 -pri high
display status of a raid group navicli -h fc4700 getrg 16 -lunlist

LUN and Meta LUN configuration

Binding a LUN

navicli -h <san> bind raid-type <lun #> -rg rgID <options>

example: navicli -h fc4700 bind r5 3 -rg 0 -rc 1 -wc 1 -sq mb -cap 250

r5 = raid 5
rc = read cache (0=disable, 1=enable)
wc = write cache (0=disable, 1=enable)
sq = size qualifier (MB, GB)
cap = size of the raid

unbinding a LUN navicli -h fc4700 unbind 3
display LUN properties navicli -h fc4700 getlun 3 -element
expanding a meta LUN

navicli -h fc4700 metalun -expand -base <number> -lun <numbers> -type [c|s] <options>

c = concatenate
s = stripe

destroying a meta LUN navicli -h fc4700 metalun -destroy -metalun <number>
displaying meta LUN status navicli -h fc4700 metalun -info <options> (general information)
navicli -h fc4700 metalun -list metalun <number> (specific info on a meta LUN)
Modifying a meta lun navicli -h fc4700 metalun -modify -metalun <number>

Storage Groups

create a storage group

navicli -h fc4700 storagegroup -create -gname storage_1

gname = group name

add LUNS to a storage group

navicli -h fc4700 storagegroup -addhlu -gname storage_1 -hlu 19 -alu 16

hlu = LUN number display to hosts i.e c0t0d19
alu = LUN 16 as per the san storage

register a host navicli -h fc4700 uksap01 register
connect host to storage group navicli -h fc4700 storagegroup -connecthost -host uksap01 -gname storage_1
display storage group information navicli -h fc4700 storagegroup -list -gname storage_1
destroy a storage group

navicli -h fc4700 storagegroup -destroy -gname storage_1

(all hosts must be removed from the group first)

Cache Configuration

get cache information navicli -h fc4700 getcache
Configure the cache

navicli -h fc4700 setcache -wsza 550 -rsza 100 -wszb 100 -rszb 100

wsza = SPA write cache in MB
rsza = SPA read cache in MB
wszb = SPB write cache in MB
rszb = SPB read cache in MB
p = page size (2, 4, 8 or 16)
l = low watermark
h = high watermark
wc/rc = disable/enable read/write cache
wca/rca = disable/enable read/write SPA cache