Sun Fire Midrange Tasks

The Sun Fire midrange server consist of the E6900/6800/4810/4800/3800 system and below are some common tasks that are used in every day administration of these servers.

Create a new domain

  1. Determine how many domains you have in your system and how many partitions you need. For example if you require to setup 3 or 4 domains, you will need to setup dual-partition mode (see Sun Midrange web page - partitioning) . By default its best to automatically setup two domains. Use the setupplatform command to setup dual-partition mode.
  2. Determine what you require in each domain i.e system boards, i/o assembly boards
  3. If you need to setup dual-partition mode all domains (if any have been created) need to be powered off by using the setkeyswitch off command make sure that all domains are at the ok> prompt first. Single partition will create two domains A and B. Dual partition mode will create four domains A, B, C and D.
  4. If you wish to add/remove boards form any of the domains use the belows commands
    schostname:SC> deleteboard sb1 ib1
    schostname:SC> addboard -d b sb1 ib1

  5. Access the new domain via the domain shell
  6. Set the date, time and password of the new domain, using the setdate and password commands.
  7. Configure the new domain by using the setupdomain command.
  8. Once the domain has been configured it is best to save the configuration information by using the dumpconfig command from the platform shell.
  9. Now the domain can be started by using the setkeyswitch on command.

Powering off/on a domain

  1. To power off a domain the domain O/S must be stopped first using the normal shutdown command to perform this.
  2. Once at the OK> prompt use the setkeyswitch off to power down the domain
  3. To power up the domain use the setkeyswitch on command
  4. The domain should be access via the OK> and normal boot procedure resume.

Assign and deassigning a system board from a domain

  1. To move boards from one domain to another the board must not be assigned. To deassign a board from the ACL of a domain, from the domain shell list the boards that the domain can access
    schostname:A> showboards -a
  2. If the board is not listed in the above command you need to deassign and then reassign the board making sure it is not in use first
    schostname:SC> setupplatform -p acls
  3. Once the board is now assigned to the domain you can add the board to the domain note the new board assignment will not take affect until you change the domain keyswitch
    schostname:A> addboard sb2
  4. Shutdown the O/S on the domain and set the keyswitch to the standby mode (does not need to power of the boards), then turn the domain back on using the setkeyswitch on command, the domain can now be booted in the normal way.

Removing and Replacing a system board from a domain

  1. Login to the affect domain shell and shutdown the O/S in the normal way
  2. Set the keyswitch in standby mode
    schostname:A> setkeyswitch standby
  3. Power off the board
    schostname:A> poweroff sb0
  4. The Sun engineer can now replace the affected board
  5. Power on the replaced board from the platform shell
    schostname:SC> poweron sb0
  6. Check the version of the new system board
    schostname:SC> showboards -p version
  7. Update the firmware of the new system board, if require (if the board is in a failed state power off the board)
    schostname:SC> flashupdate -c <source_board> <destination_board>
  8. power up the domain from the domain shell
    schostname:A> setkeyswitch on
  9. Start the O/S in the normal way.

Testing a system board

  1. Login to the domain shell of the system board that is to be tested and shutdown the O/S in the normal way
  2. Set the keyswitch in standby mode
    schostname:A> setkeyswitch standby
  3. Test the system board
    schostname:A> testboard SB0
  4. Start the domain
    schostname:A> setkeyswitch on
  5. Start the O/S in the normal way

Replace a failed repeater board

  1. Determine which domains are affect by the failed repeater board by using the showplatform -p status command (see Sun Midrange web page - repeater board assignment)
  2. Halt all the O/S on the affected domains and power off each domain (see Powering off/on a domain)
  3. Power of the repeater board
    schostname:SC> poweroff rp0
  4. Sun Engineer to replace the repeater board
  5. Power on the repeater board then domains and finally start the O/S.
    schostname:SC> poweron rp0
    schostname:A> setkeyswitch on
    schostname:B> setkeyswitch on

Firmware upgrade of a system board within a domain

See Removing and Replacing a system board from a domain