Sun Raid Manager (A1000)

Directory: /usr/lib/osa/bin

Use the format command to obtain the device path:   8. c3t0d0 <Symbios-StorEDGEA1000-0205 cyl 42984 alt 2 hd 64 sec 64> or use /usr/lib/osa/bin/lad

Displaying Device Information
List Array devices lad
Health check healthck -a
Battery information raidutil -c <device path> -B (device path obtained via format)
Reset battery information raidutil -c <device path> -R
Check disks (should be optimal) drivutil -i <device path>
Display drive groups drivutil -I <device path>
LUN information drivutil -l <device path>
List the groups drives drivutil -d <device path>
Detailed drive information drivutil -i <device path>
Fail a drive (fail drive located [1,0]) drivutil -f 10 <device path>
Unfail drive (unfail drive located at [5,12]) drivutil -u 512 <device path>
Display raid reconstruction


drivutil -p 1 c1t0d0

Note: drivutil <lun> <module>

Creating Devices
Create raid device

# Obtain the device name

# Create a mirrored device using disks located at [2,4] and [1,5]
raidutil -c c1t0d0 -l 1 -n 4 -s 0 -g 24,15

# Watch the sync progress
drivutil -p 4 c1t0d0

-c device name (obtained from running 'lad')
-l raid level (0,1,5)
-n LUN number
-s LUN size ( 0 = create maximum size)
-g drive group

The above example created a mirror pair which will be located at c1t0d4, this can now be sliced as per your own requirements.